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A beautiful image of the Blue Ridge Mountain Waterfalls in Warren County, Virginia. The rocky waterfall on Gooney Run is highlighted by the trees in the background of the image.
An image looking up at Rainbow Falls, located on the side of Mt. LeConte, above Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Hiking from Cherokee Orchard, it is a popular destination along the Rainbow Falls Trail.
A portrait view of Bridal Veil Falls, a popular attraction in Western North Carolina. Along U. S. Highway 64, the falls draw its visitors with the road that travels under the falls, allowing motorists to drive underneath the flowing water.
A view of Bridal Veil Falls, a very popular attraction in Western North Carolina. The former U. S. highway that goes under the falls allows motorists to drive right underneath.
A portrait view of Bridal Veil Falls. Located in Highlands, North Carolina, it is one of the most popular attractions in Western North Carolina. This is probably due to the fact that motorists can drive under the falls. The image shows a group of…
A beautiful shot of Bridal Veil Falls located between Highlands and Franklin in North Carolina. The water flows off a cliff onto a bed of rocks below.
An image of Rainbow Falls on Lake Toxaway Estate in North Carolina. The falls are framed by rock on one side and autumn trees on the other. A couple stands to the right of Rainbow Falls on a hill. The man is pointing to the cascading water to draw…
Multnomah Falls in Oregon is clearly visible in the picture on the front of this card. This particular fall is the second highest year round falling waterfall. The waterfall lies in the center of the image with earth, rock, and trees surrounding it…

This postcard features a photograph of Bushkill Falls, which is a famous landmark in Pennsylvania. These falls are located in the Pocono Mountains. The water falls into a large lake, and two men gaze at its grandness.
This postcard features a photograph of Niagara Falls, a famous waterfall that is located in between the international border of Canada and the United States. The falls follow the Niagra River. This particular view is from Oneida Tower, where both the…
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