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A picture of a Roman bath.

The Roman Baths are located in Bath, England, in the background of the Baths is an Abbey, which is actually the Bath Roman Temple.
This post card depicts people enjoying their day at the Sanlando Springs on a hot and sunny Florida day. people are both sun bathing, admiring the view, and swimming in this postcard.
Two blue birds with orange feathered undersides fly over a grassy, flowery, plain with a single house and giant tree.
Depicted on this postcard we see a mash up of real-life images and art. There are nine African- American children sitting on an extremely large alligator in the middle of a body of water that appears to be a lake or river. The children seemed to be…
Front side is a humorous comic-style illustration involving an angry moose (I think) and an incompetent hunter. The illustration is accompanied by a "punny" joke. Back side has postage and is stamped; author wrote a brief message in blue ink; it…
A quote by Th. Moore is written on a banner spanning the bottom half of the card. Above the banner, a large three-leaf clover (surrounded by many other smaller three-leaf clovers) contains two arms reaching to the center for a metal object…
A color illustration, possibly a painting, of the Bayfront Center auditorium in St. Petersburg, Florida. The building is off-white and modern-looking, and there are a few sparse palm trees out front before the water begins.
A group of four men and one woman play golf on a large green.
Trees can be seen in the distance, with several red-roofed buildings beyond.
Greyhounds of different colors take off from a starting box as two men in white attire and white hats unlock the gates from the side. The dogs are wearing different colored and numbered jerseys spanning from green and white striped to red with black…
Photograph of British soldiers manning two Bren Gun Carriers in an open field "somewhere in France".

We can infer that this is during World War II, during the retaking of France.
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