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There is a middle-aged man happily leaning onto a brick building pillar. The brick building has two pillars, and a sign on it that says "CARTER'S WAREHOUSE". There are a few windows, a wooden door, and two bikes also shown in the image. There is a…
An illustration of the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida during a football game.
A view on land looking out into the ocean at a side angle of the railroad extension. There are palm trees around the view to the ocean.
Illustration of men lined up in front of military vehicles ready to take orders.
A female soldier drives erratically through a road causing the men to go overboard.
A illustration of the San Jose Church and Plaza in San Juan Puerto Rico, some small smudges on the right corner of the card back.
The San Jose Church and Plaza in Puerto Rico is depicted with children playing in front and a nun sitting on a bench.
The postcard features a profile photo of a race car on the Bonneville Salt Flat, with a semi-translucent front view of the car superimposed onto the sky.

This postcard displays an image of a well-kept classic derby car with four Goodyear tires. …

This is a photograph of the Monument of Saint Francis Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary on the beautiful Seneca Lake.
Postcard has a purple border and is divided into two parts. The top section displays a close-up view of a purple and cream flower that has bloomed. The bottom section displays a box with pink hearts going around its perimeter. Inside the box, there…
The photograph captures Oregon's coast at Cape Foulweather.

- This Postcard shows a bright, beautiful, and secluded view of the ocean overlooking a cliff. The ocean tides appear to be mild judging by the low height and impact of the waves as they…


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