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Hold to light illustration of St. Louis World's Fair Administration Building, fountain, and crowds gathering. Holding to light reveals depiction of night-time scene.

The building has a castle-like appearance with four flags on the top. A moon is…
Man is kneeling in front of seated woman. The man is wearing brown pants, a red jacket and a white collared shirt. This white shirt can also be seen coming out of his jacket sleeves. He also has on black shoes. He has short black hair, a mustache and…
Flat-iron card depicting an old man jumping into pond, running away from jackass/donkey. The man is wearing red pants, brown shoes, black vest and white shirt with red polka dots. He has only two hairs on his head. He is wearing glasses and has a…
Image is of a hotel located in a downtown, urban setting. When held to light, the windows and moon illuminate.
Illustration of Fort Brady and surrounding landscape.
Card features the Palace of Machinery at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

Holding the card to light illuminates the windows in the building, the moon, and the lights between posts.
Illustration of a night scene at the Castle, Nottingham. When held to light, the windows and moon illuminate.

Trees obscure much of the castle.
Image is of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. Cathedral is set again a dark sky. When held to light, the windows, moon, and stars illuminate.
Woman in a red cape is at the seaside walking along a boardwalk. She is watched by a male photographer. When held to light, she appears naked under the cape.
Mostly bald man holds child on his left shoulder. The man has black hair on the very back of his head and, though he is facing away from the viewer, his black beard is visible. He wears a black long sleeve shirt, white pants with green vertical and…
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