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There is a middle-aged man happily leaning onto a brick building pillar. The brick building has two pillars, and a sign on it that says "CARTER'S WAREHOUSE". There are a few windows, a wooden door, and two bikes also shown in the image. There is a…
A view on land looking out into the ocean at a side angle of the railroad extension. There are palm trees around the view to the ocean.
Illustration of men lined up in front of military vehicles ready to take orders.
A picture of the top half of a international church structure. This structure is very detailed, it has gargoyles on it and lots of windows and architecture .
An illustration of the Eiffel Tower and the Alexander III bridge. There is a couple and several other people walking alongside the Seine river, as well as some boats in the water.
A detailed illustration of Henri II's gallery in a French palace. The illustration features a fireplace in the center, surrounded by an ornately decorated but sparsely furnished room.
This is a postcard that has never beed used. The front of the postcard is where one would put the address. On the back of the postcard is space for written words to about the event.
An image of a village in a valley, taken from above the village. A mountain stands in the background, some buildings are discernible in the village.
An aerial view of buildings for the 1933 Chicago World's fair. The picture shows a series of buildings with a reflecting pool between two.
A color illustration of a Buddhist temple as part of the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.
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