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An illustration of a large red building with multiple windows. The building is a few stories high and has a garden that is well taken care of. In the background, the sun is setting in the baby blue sky.

An illustration of a man in a yellow plaid suit walking a giraffe. The man look very happy walking a tall giraffe on a leash. They are both walking down a hill on a sunny clear day.

An image of a boat floating down a waterway. The boat is floating on crystal clear water with numerous trees on both sides. The boat has several opened windows in which multiple people are sticking their heads out and touching the water.

The featured card is made from engraved copper that is wrapped around a sheet of cardstock. The engraving is of a cowboy on top of a horse. There are engravings of vegetation such as grass and a tree branch. There is also the engraved word "COWBOY"…

The featured card is made from copper and wrapped around a sheet of cardstock. The copper is embossed with an image of a rattlesnake with the word "Rattlesnake" at the bottom. The rattlesnake has his tongue out and is detailed along his body. The…

A picture of a little boy running and holding his pants. He is running to an outhouse.

A rather unreasonably large woman sitting atop a rather unreasonably small horse that is skidding to a stop. Presumably to say hello to the reader.

A greeting cad with to kids playing on a seesaw. The little boy has placed his weight so as to lift the girl up.

A beautiful shot of the water next to the homes that line the edge. The buildings are surrounded by trees and even stand taller than them, but most of the buildings are just regular homes.

A beach with palm trees are greeted by a majestic orange sunrise. The water is reflecting the sky so wonderfully that I wish to stay in this image for a long time.
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