FSU Historical Postcards

Florida State University was first established in 1851 as one of two "Seminaries of learning" that Florida wanted to create and was an all-female institution. Most of the postcards used in this exhibit are from when FSU was known as Florida State College for Women when a lot of the growth and rich history of FSU occurred. Everything from the construction of most of the buildings we still still use on campus to different events that may have happened I was able to culminate different information to tie it all together.

Florida State University's history can be displayed with the postcards included in this exhibit. These different postcards show different parts of Florida State University that have a unique history to them that many that attend the university may not even know. Through extensive research I have uncovered facts that many have even forgotten and have been able to attach them to the postcards that they apply to. Giving both context and added information these postcards are able to bring back information of our school in focus with the help of the exhibit. Florida State University embraces its history which is what allowed for this school to still be built from a core of buildings that remain from what was established from the Florida State College for Women.









Kamille Catala