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The Country Bear Jamboree

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The Country Bear Jamboree



Animatronic bears covered in fur are performing on a stage. There are twelve bears on the stage. The primary focus is three bears singing from left to right. They are distinguished for their light sky blue shirts and bonnets. They are also evidently singing. The next focal point is a female bear who is mounted on a ceiling swing. She is holding a blue parasol over her left shoulder, a wide blue hat of the same shade and has fluffy pepto bismol pink scarf around her neck that drapes down to her legs. Below her on both sides are bears. There is a bear on her right wearing a red hat and garb at its neck. It is playing a stringed instrument that has a heart shaped acoustic hole. On the other side is a larger bear with a bowtie of some sort, it is hunched over. On the stage is a bear playing a banjo, it is mostly gray in shade and wears a horror-stricken expression. There is a black bear standing on a tree stump that is playing a stringed instrument and holding a bow across its strings. It is wearing a white neck tie peppered with red dots. It is also garbed with a hat. Below it, to the right of the three blue garbed bears is another bear that is playing a banjo. It is garbed in a small beige hat and has a blue collar around its neck. Behind this fellow a small bear can be seen peeping behind its head. There is a canvas background depicting a forest scene. There are two bears standing there. The bear on the left is large and rotund, it is playing a harmonica. It has a blue tie and a red and white striped tie drooping over its belly. Another bear, across from it is thin and has a hunching back, it is sipping from a white mug via a straw. It is wearing a smug brown hat and a white beige shirt. Its lower body can't be seen and it gives off the illusion of floating.


[June 4th, 1974]


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The Country Bear Jamboree





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Walt Disney World
The vacation kingdom of the world
Walt Disney Productions

The Country Bear Jamboree

Frontierland's Grizzly Hall features the zaniest troupe of bears ever seen, in the Country Bear Jamboree. In a foot-stompin', country-Western hoedown, the sing, swing, and strum guitars in the finest tradition of wild frontier musicals.

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this is one of the shows we saw. I told Ray, we have to save some money because you've got to see this [play] someday too.
Mommy + Daddy Ray

Cheryl Aguin
118 Fruit St.
New Bedford, Mass

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8 cents

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[June 4th, 1974]

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Cheryl Aguin
118 Fruit St.
New Bedford, Mass

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Walt Disney World Walt Disney Productions, “The Country Bear Jamboree,” FSU Card Archive, accessed May 22, 2019, http://fsucardarchive.org/items/show/6307.