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The Fontainebleau

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The Fontainebleau



The post card is a color photo showing The Fontainbleau hotel that is located on Miami Beach. The location of the strip that the hotel is located on appears to be separated from the mainland by a body of water. The hotel is the center of the postcard and is white in color with several floors and windows. The pool located at the hotel can be seen in the photo as well as many chairs surrounding the pool. There is also a parking lot on the other side of the building showing an array of cars. There is also a smaller pool that is close to the parking lot as well that appears to be located on the beach front. There are an array of cabanas located on the beach front in a design that consists of two arches from the angle it is being taken in this photo. The cabanas appear to have blue and yellow colored chairs. There is an entrance in the center leading from the pool side to the beach side. There is a walkway area that is right outside the front of the hotel that leads to the pool and other areas of the hotel. There is also another walk area that has greenery in this one. In the bottom left corner there is another hotel that also has a pool and appears to have an array of guest. Behind the hotel there appears to be a strip near the water that is most likely used for docking boats and yachts. The actual hotel has a semi-circle structure to it allowing for more rooms to have access to views of the water. The mainland has lots of greenery as well as houses that can be seen from this angle. The ocean appears light closer to the shore and a nice blue color in deeper areas. There is a boat that is on the water leaving the photo in the left side of the photo. There are two smaller circular buildings attached to the main building of The Fontainbleau. There is also an empty lot that most likely will be built on to create a new building. There are docks also of the mainland to show that people have a place to tie their boats up.


Color Photo by H.W. Hannau


Under Copyright







PC-GC 7-1260

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The Fontainebleau





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U.S. Color Print, 603 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, Fla.
NCP- 3362
Natural Color Publishers
605 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach, Fla.
Phone JE 8-7428
Dominating the skyline of Miami Beach Florida, is the fabulous new ocean-front Hotel, The Fontainebleau, world's largest Resort Hotel, Cabana and Yacht Club.
Color photo by H.W. Hannau

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U.S. Color Print, “The Fontainebleau,” FSU Card Archive, accessed July 20, 2018, http://fsucardarchive.org/items/show/5999.