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A black and white photograph of Brook and Brindle Beach.

This card shows an aerial view of the beautiful West Palm Beach Marina in West Palm Beach, Florida.
It shows the boats docked and a skyline view of the buildings.

This postcard shows an image of the world famous Cliff House and Seal Rock. The photo displays many colors, including the blue ocean, green trees and grass, and red, brown, gray and white buildings. The photograph appears to have been taken from a…

View of the valley in-between the mountains and thought the river. Trees in the nearside and Snow capped mountains on the far-side.


This image shows many tourists smiling and having fun on their Conch Train Tour in Key West, Florida, along the ocean.

This postcard depicts a group of tourists on a Conch train tour around Key West, Florida with palm trees and water in the…

This card shows the beautiful skyline view of Savannah, Georgia looking west from city hall.

This postcard gives an areal view of Savannah, Georgia's city hall and the surrounding area. There is a body of water to the right.

This postcard is a very colorful illustration of two women in a lush, flower-filled garden. One woman is looking into the water on the right side of the image, water filled with lily pads and surrounded by vibrant flowers. There are tall trees in the…

Image of a boat on the water framed by an intricate flower design. Roses, and other flowers are lined with gold, and a blue wreath of flowers frames the text "Heartiest Birthday greetings."

Photo displays a beautiful red and yellow centerpiece…

This postcard features a close-up scene of three pelicans, which are each standing on a wooden stump. The ocean water drifts calmly in the background, and the sky is a cloudy pale blue, almost light grey.

The image is of three pelicans calmly…
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