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A landscape of what looks like an industrial park by some type of coast. There are buildings that feature advertisements for medicine, an iron works, and a tin manufacturer. Smoke or steam billows from buildings.

One of the buildings features "The…

This postcard depicts a scene of Pier Five at the municipal fishing docks in Miami, Florida. Many boats are parked alongside the dock, and two people are standing out front by a large palm tree gazing at them. Under the roofs of the dock are many…

This postcard depicts an aerial view of the popular fishing pier on Ft. Lauderdale Beach in Florida. The tide appears to be rolling in aggressively, and many beachgoers are seen relaxing and playing in the ocean on the left side of the pier.…

This postcard depicts an aerial view of the new Million Dollar Pier of Miami Beach. It stretches out far into the Atlantic Ocean, and overlooks the southern beach of Miami Beach.

The illustration shows part of the Key West railway with a train on the tracks. There is also a part of the Long Key Fishing Camp grounds. People are standing on the beach, and there is one small boat in the water. In the background, there is a…
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