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Two young military men are shown firing a one-pounder while on a target practice cruise.

This postcard shows an image of the world famous Cliff House and Seal Rock. The photo displays many colors, including the blue ocean, green trees and grass, and red, brown, gray and white buildings. The photograph appears to have been taken from a…

This postcard shows a photograph of Carmel Beach, California. The weather appears to be beautiful as the scene in lit by sunlight. The ocean is extremely blue, with white waves breaking against the shoreline. Behind the strip of sand, there are many…

A photograph of Cypress Cove in Carmel, California on a beautiful, sunny day with a clear blue sky. Bushes, leafless tree branches and rocks are seen above the blue ocean, where white waves appear to be breaking on the rocks.

This image shows many tourists smiling and having fun on their Conch Train Tour in Key West, Florida, along the ocean.

This postcard depicts a group of tourists on a Conch train tour around Key West, Florida with palm trees and water in the…

Image of a ship on a body of water - one of the Clyde Line Sister Ships.
This is an illustration of a large ship moving through the water. It is unclear if this is a cruise ship or some other large industrial ship. The bottom of the ship is black…

The image on this postcard is a distant overview on potentially Paris, France. The image is black and white and hows a beautiful shore line and city, as well as mountains. This card is in good condition but is dated due to how old it appears. This is…

This postcard features an airvew of Biscayne Boulevard, which is located in Miami, Florida. The busy street has traffic travelling in both directions. On the right side, tall buildings and skyscrapers line the road. On the opposing side, the Atlantic…

This postcard features a bird's eye view of Islamorada, located on the Overseas Highway in Key West, Florida. In the foreground, the Theater of the Sea is pictured. The highway extends off into the distance, and the Atlantic Ocean is seen on both…
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