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Is a black and white photograph of a group of men and woman. The woman are wearing white colored dresses and the men are wearing black suits with white dress shirts and black hats. They are standing and sitting on a group of rocks near the waters…

A black and white photograph of a group of people including men, woman, girl and boy children. They are all huddled together for a big group picture. All the woman and girl children are wearing white dresses and the men and boy children are wearing…

Two young military men are shown firing a one-pounder while on a target practice cruise.

A group of military sailors stand aboard the T.V. Emery Rice steam engine. The American flag is raised up the center mast as the men look on.

The front of the card displays two European generals shaking hands.

This postcard features two images with a vertical white strip down the middle that reads, "Greetings from DIXIE." The image to the left contains a garden of leafy green plants with a tiny log cabin in the back. To the right of the text an image of…

Photograph of the aftermath and destruction of Duke Street. There is rubble scattered everywhere. To the left are several men, some of whom are talking, while others appear to be commencing some of the clean-up efforts.

Photograph of Duke Street, in London, England. After suffering intense damage from the war, the street is scattered with rubble and collapsing buildings as the authorities assess, while individuals go through the remains. There is a construction…
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