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A portrait of a man and a woman posing together. The woman is looking straight forward and the man is looking at her. The woman is wearing a yellow, pink and green dress while holding a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers. The man is wearing a dark…

A couple stands and gazes at each other lovingly. A dog lies at their feet, a flower on its collar. The bright coloring of this card is characteristic of Art Deco cards.

Hispanic adult male stands facing away into the green hills/mountains. He stands beside a small brown horse with a saddle and two vases tied onto it. The man stands on dirt and is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and white long pants. He has a…

This card has an illustration of a woman wearing red shorts, a yellow shirt, and high heels. She is standing beside a blue car, with a little dog sitting on the back trunk. A man, most likely an auto repair worker, is assessing and fixing the rear of…

The front of the card is a photograph of a man and woman, and other visitors, playing shuffleboard outside of The Kentuckian Motel. The building of the motel is white, with lush green grass around the shuffleboard. There are multiple palm trees and…

This postcard features a photograph of the Amish Country, where two horse drawn carriages are carrying people down the street. Each carriage can seat two people, and there is one man and one woman pictured in both carriages. A few houses and a field…

This postcard features a man in a fishing hat and red shirt rowing a boat away from a large sea creature. The creature appears to be heading toward him in a furious manner. Off into the distance, trees and other greenery can be seen.

This postcard features a man hiding behind a large haystack holding a gun. There is a skunk beside the haystack, which is likely why the man is hiding. A bird stands further from the haystack staring at the situation. A clear blue sky serves as the…

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This postcard features an illustration middle-aged man in overalls and a red plaid shirt. He is bearded, barefoot, and singing. He is also holding a jug of what is presumed to be some type of liquor. He is also holding a straw hat, overall giving the…
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