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The card features a colored illustration of the Baltimore harbor, including boats and buildings, particularly the Coca Cola building. The water and sky are both a greenish blue color.

The postcard features the exhibition building in Melbourne. It is a large, grand-looking building surrounded by pink flowers, large green trees, and a blue sky with clouds.

Image of a ship on a body of water - one of the Clyde Line Sister Ships.
This is an illustration of a large ship moving through the water. It is unclear if this is a cruise ship or some other large industrial ship. The bottom of the ship is black…

This postcard features an illustration middle-aged man in overalls and a red plaid shirt. He is bearded, barefoot, and singing. He is also holding a jug of what is presumed to be some type of liquor. He is also holding a straw hat, overall giving the…

This postcard features a comical illustration split into two scenes. The left scene is of a man and woman sitting and holding each other backs and staring at the moon happily together. They are likely near the beach because they are looking out into…

This postcard features both a comical illustration and a small anecdote on the bottom. The illustration shows a person sleeping in his bed dreaming about many men in suits and hats coming to a bar to order beer. The bartenders are happily serving the…

This postcard features an illustration of a man in his pajamas that is being attacked by bed bugs. With a cigar in his mouth and an angry look on his face, he lives up the mattress in one hand and itches his behind in another. Three bugs are seen…

This postcard features a black and white illustration of the front of a building in what appears to be Brooklyn, New York. A heavy woman sits on a stool on top of a small staircase holding a booklet. She points to the booklet while a little boy sits…

This postcard features a black and white illustration of a bearded man sitting in a stall with the door open. His pants appear pulled down, indicating he is going to the bathroom. A book hangs from a nail on the door while his gun leans against it.…
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