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This card, which features the harbor in Newport, Rhode Island, showcases the different boats that frequent the harbor. The beautifully colorful flowers on the cliff overlook the packed harbor.

The card features a colored illustration of the Baltimore harbor, including boats and buildings, particularly the Coca Cola building. The water and sky are both a greenish blue color.

This postcard contains a photograph of Monterey Harbor. Several rows of boats can be seen docked in the waterway along with several buildings in the background.

A landscape of what looks like an industrial park by some type of coast. There are buildings that feature advertisements for medicine, an iron works, and a tin manufacturer. Smoke or steam billows from buildings.

One of the buildings features "The…

Postcard contains several illustrations of waterfront towns and harbors in Germany. A train moves across a bridge above the water. Many different kinds of boats are depicted, some large steamboats, two-person rowboats, and larger rowboats. People…

This postcard features an aerial view of the harbor entrance at Port Everglades, which is located in Florida. The sandy golden beach of Ft. Lauderdale is in the background, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Many buildings such as hotels are scattered…

This postcard depicts an aerial view of Bahia Mar and Ft. Lauderdale Beach looking north in Florida. Bahia Mar is the marina in the center of the photo, which contains the harbor where many boats and yachts are pictured. The marina is surrounded by a…

A photograph of the downtown San Diego skyline at night. Lights from the buildings reflect off of the water.

On this postcard is an aerial view of a Harbor.

There are many ships docked together in rows, connected by a strip of land on the right side of the image. A city is in the background.
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