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A portrait of a woman or girl with blond hair, she has a big dark pink down in her hair. She has a blue dress on with white and pink flowers. She also has a pearl necklace on. She is holding a violin and looking at a piece of sheet music.

A woman and her girl child are in a green wicker chair on an old rug. Behind them is a brick fire place built into a wooden shelf. There are two gold lamps on the fire place and in between them is an old wooden clock. Above the clock is a photograph.…

An illustration of a woman and a girl child sewing clothing. The child is wearing a white and red blouse with a green skirt, she has blond hair with a thing braid and a red headband. The woman is wearing a white blouse with a black and red vest over…

Young Caucasian girl between the ages of 5 and 8. She is dressed in a blue tropical dress. The young girl is standing in front of tropical palm trees and greenery while holding five parrots-- one on her head and four on her outstretched arms.

The front of the card is an image of a group of girls dancing in a circle, wearing traditional, native Greek costumes. There seems to be a large amount of spectators in the background watching the dancers perform. There is a large white tent or…

This Easter greeting features a red headed girl in a formal dress and long-brimmed bonnet. The bonnet has flowers and a feather in them and flowered corsages decorate the top corners of the card. The card looks to be made to give a child.


This postcard features a man in the seat of a red truck that contains an abnormaly large potato. Three young boys and a little girl point and stare at the giant potato in awe. Behind them is a grassy area of land that extends far off into this…

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A young woman stares off into the distance while holding a basket and wearing a work dress. There are also flowers of purple, orange, white, and yellow surrounding her. In the background, there is a body of water.

There is a large tree that runs the length of the scene, and its branches hang down from the top of the card. There is a large white building in the background. It is four stories tall and has two large red-carpeted staircases that lead up to the…
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