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A simple postcard that depicts the city auditorium in Amarillo, Texas. The building is large and white with several pretty trees surrounding it, as well as a green well-kept lawn. The sky is a bright blue and the clouds are perfect. There are two…

A group of military sailors stand aboard the T.V. Emery Rice steam engine. The American flag is raised up the center mast as the men look on.

This is an illustration of the beautiful Windsor Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida. This photo is taken from Munroe Street.

This postcard depicts the Windsor Hotel from Jacksonville, Florida. Cars, trees, and people line the street out front.

This is a photograph of the Colorado State Capitol located in Denver. There also is a faded postmark on the front of the postcard.


The illustration shows part of the Key West railway with a train on the tracks. There is also a part of the Long Key Fishing Camp grounds. People are standing on the beach, and there is one small boat in the water. In the background, there is a…
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