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This card has an illustration of a woman wearing red shorts, a yellow shirt, and high heels. She is standing beside a blue car, with a little dog sitting on the back trunk. A man, most likely an auto repair worker, is assessing and fixing the rear of…

This postcard features a photograph of a man wearing a blue button down shirt and jeans, smiling, and standing underneath a servie station. The man's name is like Billy Carter. The man's arm rests on a gas pump. In the background, the entrance to the…

This postcard features a photograph of a yellow jeep pulling a giant fish on a raised wheeled platform. The fish's mountain is wide open, and it has a greenish tint in its skin. Behind the jeep is a road and various trees scattered beyond it.

This postcard features both an image as well as a poem. In the image, the flivver carries some people and a few dogs. A woman also stands outside the car in the street. Behind them, colorful trees stand large and tall. Below the image, the poem "That…

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This postcard features a scene of Blue Ridge Parkway, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A red car is seen entering the parkway. Pink flowers surround the left side of the picture and stretch out to the right. Further into the…

This postcard features a scene of four women holding hands on top of the Four Corners Monument, which is where the four corners of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado intersect. A small blue car is parked on the street, and the valleys of…

This illustration shows Orange Avenue lined with cars. There's also a sign read: "Auto Supply Co". Another in the back reads: "Real Estate". The sun seems to be rising in the horizon.

The University of Michigan Union red brick building partially covered up by tall green trees. There are also cars lining the street in front of it and a few people walking. A green grassy area lies in the foreground and a blue sky lies overhead. On…
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