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This card shows the Hotel Ponce de Leon's outer court colonnades in St. Augustine, Florida.

This card shows the beautiful Chrysler building In New York City.
A skyline view of the Chrysler Building in New York City is depicted.

This card shows a birds eye view of the beautiful Hotel Sheraton in Chicago, Illinois.
An aerial view of the Hotel Sheraton in Chicago is depicted.

This postcard depicts the image of a tall, brownstone-like building called the William Sloane House in NYC. It is against a light blue sky with faint clouds, and there is a view of the street and a car parked outside. Perfect condition.

The postcard features the exhibition building in Melbourne. It is a large, grand-looking building surrounded by pink flowers, large green trees, and a blue sky with clouds.

This postcard shows an image of the world famous Cliff House and Seal Rock. The photo displays many colors, including the blue ocean, green trees and grass, and red, brown, gray and white buildings. The photograph appears to have been taken from a…

This is an illustration of the beautiful Windsor Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida. This photo is taken from Munroe Street.

This postcard depicts the Windsor Hotel from Jacksonville, Florida. Cars, trees, and people line the street out front.

The front of the card has two illustrations of The Centennial Room at Hotel Schuler in Marshall, Michigan. The smaller illustration is in the bottom right corner. It may be the entrance way to The Centennial Room. It has one white brick wall, and…

This postcard is a photo of a large brick building in Tallahassee surrounded by trees.
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