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couple rowing a boat in a body of water surrounded by trees. Woman is wearing a red and white dress with red flower pattern on it, she is wearing a pearl necklace and her hair is brown. They are rowing in a yellow canoe. The man is wearing a brown…

This card, which features the harbor in Newport, Rhode Island, showcases the different boats that frequent the harbor. The beautifully colorful flowers on the cliff overlook the packed harbor.

The postcard depicts an image of the London Houses of Parliament. Three boats are shown on the river Thames in the foreground. The tower furthest to the right in the photo, commonly known as Big Ben, is the Elizabeth Tower. The tower (named in June…

Image of a ship on a body of water - one of the Clyde Line Sister Ships.
This is an illustration of a large ship moving through the water. It is unclear if this is a cruise ship or some other large industrial ship. The bottom of the ship is black…

Image of a boat on the water framed by an intricate flower design. Roses, and other flowers are lined with gold, and a blue wreath of flowers frames the text "Heartiest Birthday greetings."

Photo displays a beautiful red and yellow centerpiece…

The image on this post card is of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. This is very vivid in colors and brings in great details from water, buildings, and flowers. There are boats docked along the shore with people waiting to step on to a tour boat. The…

The postcard is a black and white image of street signs all along one pole. The street signs however are of all different countries and multiple locations (i.e. London, Tokyo, Australia, Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc.). On the actual street sign, there…

A boat sailing at Chimney Rock

This postcard features a man in a fishing hat and red shirt rowing a boat away from a large sea creature. The creature appears to be heading toward him in a furious manner. Off into the distance, trees and other greenery can be seen.
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