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Color photograph of The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park; two women are standing, wearing traditional Japanese clothing; trees and flowers surround the women; in perfect condition

This card shows two women in traditional Japanese clothing…

The front of the card is an image of a group of girls dancing in a circle, wearing traditional, native Greek costumes. There seems to be a large amount of spectators in the background watching the dancers perform. There is a large white tent or…

This postcard is a very colorful illustration of two women in a lush, flower-filled garden. One woman is looking into the water on the right side of the image, water filled with lily pads and surrounded by vibrant flowers. There are tall trees in the…

This postcard appears to depict a painting of women and small children by a balcony. The children are winged creatures presumed to be angels or cupids.

This postcard features a scene of four women holding hands on top of the Four Corners Monument, which is where the four corners of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado intersect. A small blue car is parked on the street, and the valleys of…

This postcard features an illustration of a red headed woman in a red bikini holding a giant orange that resembles a beach ball. The inside the orange, the word "Florida" is written in cursive. To the right of her in the top right corner is a palm…

This postcard depicts a scene of twelve women gathered for a photo. In the background are palm trees blowing in the wind, as well as the beach and ocean overlooking a sunset.

In the image there are several women working in an apple factory. The majority of them are black, although a few of them are white. The two white workers are in the left foreground, separate from the black workers. One of the women has curlers in her…
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