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This image shows many tourists smiling and having fun on their Conch Train Tour in Key West, Florida, along the ocean.

This postcard depicts a group of tourists on a Conch train tour around Key West, Florida with palm trees and water in the…

Postcard contains several illustrations of waterfront towns and harbors in Germany. A train moves across a bridge above the water. Many different kinds of boats are depicted, some large steamboats, two-person rowboats, and larger rowboats. People…

This postcard depicts a photograph of the Conch Tour Train Station in Key West, Florida. People are seen walking around the train station and even boarding (or getting off). There are two covered benches seen in front of the station and on the left…

The illustration shows part of the Key West railway with a train on the tracks. There is also a part of the Long Key Fishing Camp grounds. People are standing on the beach, and there is one small boat in the water. In the background, there is a…
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