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The card has a thin purple border and inside that border are white flowers and embossed lettering featuring red, green, gold, and purple colors. The card has been pressed creating texture. The message is an Easter greeting with a religious…

The card has an embellished decoration framing some kind of landscape in a circular frame. Lilies, a bold line, and decorative design surrounds it. In print, the card has a larger, cursive Easter Greetings message and then below there is another…

This Easter greeting features a landscape including a white church with steeple, white picket fence, and greenery. Foregrounding the church are white Easter lilies.

This card has left on the left side that is a sort poem wishing the reader a…

Inside a brown frame in embossed lettering is an Easter greeting. Embellishments are added such as a decorative flower and the card's image has been pressed to create texture.
This card is a greeting in calligraphy that is framed in a brown…
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