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A black and white photograph of a beautiful restaurant. The restaurant appears completely empty and has many tables with 2-4 chairs at each table. Each table in finely adorned with a tablecloth, plates, utensils, glassware and a vase of flowers.

This postcard depicts a black and white photograph of the Mount Royal Hotel in Montreal. Some of the streets bordering the building are visible, as are cars parked outside.

The card features a black and white portrait of a woman with curly hair in a dress with her hair and makeup done up holding a bouquet of roses.

The postcard is a black and white image of street signs all along one pole. The street signs however are of all different countries and multiple locations (i.e. London, Tokyo, Australia, Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc.). On the actual street sign, there…

The image on this postcard is a distant overview on potentially Paris, France. The image is black and white and hows a beautiful shore line and city, as well as mountains. This card is in good condition but is dated due to how old it appears. This is…

A landscape black and white illustration that is meant to look like a photograph. It is an wide establishing aerial view of the city of Florence.

Aerial photograph view of Strasbourg, France pictured in black and white that fills up the whole front of the card. On the back of the card is publisher print text of the location of the card and the edition. There is also a small picture of a crane…

This postcard features a black and white illustration of the front of a building in what appears to be Brooklyn, New York. A heavy woman sits on a stool on top of a small staircase holding a booklet. She points to the booklet while a little boy sits…

This postcard features a black and white portrait of Johnny Cash. The portrait is in the center of the card, while the left and right black vertical rectangles contain white block letters that read "JOHNNY" and "CASH," respectively.
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