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A landscape postcard depicting a huge, gray building on the corner of Adams and Park St in Detroit, Michigan. You can't really tell what kind of building it is, but it is either a hotel or government building from the architecture and number of…

This post card depicts a colorful house at the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. We see a few cars around the building and a few people standing at the top overlooking the edge. At first glance, it may seem like the house is in the middle of a beach…

This postcard depicts the government building , U.S Treasury in Washington D.C. It shows the immense white building pridefully standing whilst two flags wave in the air. People are seen walking around the building as well as vintage cars and…

This postcard features a picture of a man sitting on a giant pineapple in wagon with a horse attached to pull it. Another man stands in the back of the wagon to hold the pineapple in place. Two other men stand behind it on the sidewalk. Many palm…

This postcard depicts a photograph of grapefruit from Richardson's Grove, which is located on the Miami River in Florida. The photo shows the grapefruits lying on a bed of leaves or branches, however, the specific vegetation is unclear. This postcard…
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