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Several buildings and the Hotel Mallon Sterling are visible on the front of the card, acting as the background to the Market Street Bridge and waterway in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The illustrated scene is shown from a point of view that is across…
A photograph of the downtown San Diego skyline at night. Lights from the buildings reflect off of the water.
On this postcard is an aerial view of a Harbor.

There are many ships docked together in rows, connected by a strip of land on the right side of the image. A city is in the background.
A view of San Francisco is depicted on the card. The image includes a plane , the Golden Gate Bridge , the Oakland Bay Bridge , and the cities of Oakland , Berkeley , Alameda , and East Bay.
The image on this postcard is a distant overview on potentially Paris, France. The image is black and white and hows a beautiful shore line and city, as well as mountains. This card is in good condition but is dated due to how old it appears. This is…
This card shows the beautiful skyline view of Savannah, Georgia looking west from city hall.

This postcard gives an areal view of Savannah, Georgia's city hall and the surrounding area. There is a body of water to the right.
This postcard contains a photograph of the skyline of San Francisco's financial district. Many tall buildings in this part of San Francisco can be seen as well as the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
This card shows a birds eye view of the beautiful Hotel Sheraton in Chicago, Illinois.
An aerial view of the Hotel Sheraton in Chicago is depicted.
A black and white photograph of the city of Seattle Washington. You see the port and more inland.
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