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A black and white portrait of a couple. The woman is wearing a white dress, the man is wearing a dark suit with a white pocket square. The sides of the post card are textured.

This postcard features a black and white photograph of Lime Street and St. George's Mall in Liverpool. It is an old photograph where we can see people walking on the sidewalk and a man in a suit with a hat on the street. There are a few cars and one…

A black and white photograph of the old Jewish quarter in Jerusalem. The Old Jewish Quarter is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is 116,000 square meters, in the southeastern sector that stretches from the Zion…

Is a black and white photograph of a group of men and woman. The woman are wearing white colored dresses and the men are wearing black suits with white dress shirts and black hats. They are standing and sitting on a group of rocks near the waters…

A black and white photograph of a Progressive Church in Nappanee, Ind. It is a white church with black front doors surrounded by tall trees. There are smaller bushes in front of the church. There’s a small side walk separating the lawn from the…

A black and white photograph of the city of Seattle Washington. You see the port and more inland.

A black and white photograph of Brook and Brindle Beach.

A photograph of Rogers and Cleveland Halls at the US Merchant Maine Academy in Kings Point, NY. The halls are two white 3 story buildings. There are five trees in front of the halls. With one small Christmas tree on the corner of one of the halls.…

Is a photograph of the Hotel Lincoln-Douglas in Quincy, Illinois. It is a tall brick building with white trim at the bottom near the doors to go into the hotel. There are 8 floors in this hotel. In the front and around the building there are cars…
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