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Using colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow, the picture has added color to help illuminate the San Francisco Bay skyline. The picture's point of view is from above, overlooking the city. In the background, there are battleship lights that…

The card is a photo from above of the San Francisco skyline at night. It emphasizes the street lights and the lights of the bridge in the background. You can see individual buildings within the skyline. You can also see some rolling hills/mountains…

This postcard is a colored image of a river in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It has a distinct night time appearance, showing night lights, and street lights, along the river and on some buildings. There is also a blue hue over the picture from the…

A photograph of the downtown San Diego skyline at night. Lights from the buildings reflect off of the water.

A drawing of a boy spying on a couple that is embracing in the moonlight. He is rubbing his chin, wishing he himself had a girl to embrace. The couple's outline is the only thing that can be seen of them, as they are highlighted by the moonlight.…
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