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A photograph of Rogers and Cleveland Halls at the US Merchant Maine Academy in Kings Point, NY. The halls are two white 3 story buildings. There are five trees in front of the halls. With one small Christmas tree on the corner of one of the halls.…

This is a photograph illustration of Niagara Falls from below. It shows the falls and the rocks under them.

A photograph of a man and woman, standing in a garden next to a tall bush. The man is kidding the woman on her cheek. The woman is wearing a white blouse and long skirt with a dark hat with flowers on top of it. The man is wearing a maroon suit and a…

A woman and her girl child are in a green wicker chair on an old rug. Behind them is a brick fire place built into a wooden shelf. There are two gold lamps on the fire place and in between them is an old wooden clock. Above the clock is a photograph.…

Two women are being turned away from the superintendent's office. The door advertises " STENOGRAPHERS WANTED ." A woman has already gotten the job, sitting in the lap of a man at the desk.

This card shows the beautiful Chrysler building In New York City.
A skyline view of the Chrysler Building in New York City is depicted.

This card shows the buildings along Genesee Street, looking North in Utica, New York.
Cars and buildings are shown lined on the busy Genesee Street in Utica, New York.

The postcard is a black and white image of street signs all along one pole. The street signs however are of all different countries and multiple locations (i.e. London, Tokyo, Australia, Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc.). On the actual street sign, there…

Vertical image of the Flatiron building with neighboring structures surrounding it. The street is also busy with people and horse drawn carriages. The back of the card has a 1 cent stamp, user-added text and large red font on top that reads "Post…
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