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The postcard shows an illustration of the landscape of the island, as wells as the bridge that connects the two sides of the islands. One thing to point out is the way the sky looks, it creates an overall peaceful vibe. It's a pleasing postcard

This post card shows an illustration of the Everglades Hotel from Bayfront Park in sunny Miami Florida. The illustration is shown on what looks like a hot South Florida day with clear skies. The postcard shows the iconic palm trees right at the front…

Lincoln Road is one of Miami's best known locations. This color-added postcard shows a view of a busy street with shops at either end of it. The photograph, which is taken looking east on Lincoln Road, beautifully showcases the buzzing Miami Beach…


The illustration on the front of the card is a scene with cars along the road and people walking on the sidewalk. Hotels are visible lining the left side of the road in the image, with palm trees and shrubbery lining the other side of the road.

A group of women from the Seminole Nation in Miami celebrates their version of Mother's Day.

This postcard depicts 8 women who are a part of the Seminole Nation Tribe, standing in line holding their young children. They are all wearing vibrant yet…

Young Caucasian girl between the ages of 5 and 8. She is dressed in a blue tropical dress. The young girl is standing in front of tropical palm trees and greenery while holding five parrots-- one on her head and four on her outstretched arms.

This postcard is a colored image of a river in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It has a distinct night time appearance, showing night lights, and street lights, along the river and on some buildings. There is also a blue hue over the picture from the…

The image on the postcard is the South East view on Second Avenue of the Miami River Bridge, getting a glance at Colonial Towns,old style cars parked along the road just after the gates of the bridge, Olympia, and more downtown Miami area. There are…

This postcard features a scene of the city of Miami, Florida at nighttime. The many buildings are brightly lit, and reflect on the water of the Biscayne Bay. Many of these buildings are hotels, which are situated to overlook the bay.
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