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Hispanic adult male stands facing away into the green hills/mountains. He stands beside a small brown horse with a saddle and two vases tied onto it. The man stands on dirt and is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and white long pants. He has a…

This postcard features a photograph of the Amish Country, where two horse drawn carriages are carrying people down the street. Each carriage can seat two people, and there is one man and one woman pictured in both carriages. A few houses and a field…

This postcard features a photograph of a scene in Intercourse, Pennsylvainia, which is said to be located "in the heart of Amish Country." There are two horse-drawn carriages parked outside of a brick building. Other buildings serve as the background…

This postcard features a picture of a man sitting on a giant pineapple in wagon with a horse attached to pull it. Another man stands in the back of the wagon to hold the pineapple in place. Two other men stand behind it on the sidewalk. Many palm…

There is a large tree that runs the length of the scene, and its branches hang down from the top of the card. There is a large white building in the background. It is four stories tall and has two large red-carpeted staircases that lead up to the…
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