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Is a black and white photograph of the R.M.S Lusitania which was a British ocean liner that a german submarine sank in World War 1 The ship was a holder of the Blue Riband, and briefly the world's largest passenger ship until the completion of her…

An illustration of a woman and a girl child sewing clothing. The child is wearing a white and red blouse with a green skirt, she has blond hair with a thing braid and a red headband. The woman is wearing a white blouse with a black and red vest over…

1939 Black and white photo of Spalentor, a medieval castle in Basel, Switzerland; rough edges, however still in great condition; thicker than the common card.

A sepia photograph of a castle looking structure, which is identified as Spalentor, a…

A landscape photograph of the river Rhine and the Seven Mountains. Card features scalloped edges.

Illustrated picture of the Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock Hotel in Wiesbaden, Germany that takes up only half of the postcard. Back of the postcard has publisher print text of the hotel logo information.

This postcard depicts a scene of sailboats moving across Lake Zürich in Zürich, Switzerland. In the background, one can see the many buildings of the city. In the bottom left corner, the silhoutte of a man is seen sitting on a bench relaxing.…
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