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couple rowing a boat in a body of water surrounded by trees. Woman is wearing a red and white dress with red flower pattern on it, she is wearing a pearl necklace and her hair is brown. They are rowing in a yellow canoe. The man is wearing a brown…

A Maine Black Bear walking in the forest

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Two men preparing to go kayaking at a lake surrounded by a very beautiful forest on a sunny day.

Scenic winding road featuring cars driving down the mountain road. Big green trees border the road.

This image shows a railroad foreshortened by a steep slope, displaying Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Forestry and rocky slopes surround the path of the vertically displayed railroad.

This postcard displays a slightly fainted image of…

This postcard depicts a scene of California Redwood trees. From this angle, one can mainly only see their trunks, for Redwoods are the tallest trees. A road runs through the forest of the Redwood trees, and a white car is parked along the side of the…
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