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couple rowing a boat in a body of water surrounded by trees. Woman is wearing a red and white dress with red flower pattern on it, she is wearing a pearl necklace and her hair is brown. They are rowing in a yellow canoe. The man is wearing a brown…
A portrait of a man and a woman posing together. The woman is looking straight forward and the man is looking at her. The woman is wearing a yellow, pink and green dress while holding a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers. The man is wearing a dark…
A black and white portrait of a couple. The woman is wearing a white dress, the man is wearing a dark suit with a white pocket square. The sides of the post card are textured.
Man and woman together, blond woman with red lipstick on holding a red flower and wearing a red yellow and white floral print garment. The man has brown hair. The woman is leaning against something green.
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