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A couple stands and gazes at each other lovingly. A dog lies at their feet, a flower on its collar. The bright coloring of this card is characteristic of Art Deco cards.

This card has an illustration of a woman wearing red shorts, a yellow shirt, and high heels. She is standing beside a blue car, with a little dog sitting on the back trunk. A man, most likely an auto repair worker, is assessing and fixing the rear of…

This postcard features a comic illustration of a man in a blue suit and tie kneeling on the grass next to a dog in a doghouse. The dog is looking at him like the man is crazy. The man says "GIT OUTTA HERE DOG! ITS MY PLACE IF I FORGET-." To the right…

Illustrated photo showing several people standing in the grandstands of the dog racing park, while others stand below in the grassy area. Presumably, the dogs are being escorted by their trainers to the starting gate.

There is a large tree that runs the length of the scene, and its branches hang down from the top of the card. There is a large white building in the background. It is four stories tall and has two large red-carpeted staircases that lead up to the…
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