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A landscape postcard depicting a huge, gray building on the corner of Adams and Park St in Detroit, Michigan. You can't really tell what kind of building it is, but it is either a hotel or government building from the architecture and number of…

A view of San Francisco is depicted on the card. The image includes a plane , the Golden Gate Bridge , the Oakland Bay Bridge , and the cities of Oakland , Berkeley , Alameda , and East Bay.

This card shows the beautiful Chrysler building In New York City.
A skyline view of the Chrysler Building in New York City is depicted.

This postcard depicts the image of a tall, brownstone-like building called the William Sloane House in NYC. It is against a light blue sky with faint clouds, and there is a view of the street and a car parked outside. Perfect condition.

This is a postcard featuring a view of an intersection of two streets in San Francisco; the streets, bordered by buildings and businesses, are filled with people and streetcars.

This card shows the beautiful skyline view of Savannah, Georgia looking west from city hall.

This postcard gives an areal view of Savannah, Georgia's city hall and the surrounding area. There is a body of water to the right.

The postcard is a black and white image of street signs all along one pole. The street signs however are of all different countries and multiple locations (i.e. London, Tokyo, Australia, Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc.). On the actual street sign, there…

This postcard is a colored image of a river in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It has a distinct night time appearance, showing night lights, and street lights, along the river and on some buildings. There is also a blue hue over the picture from the…

The image on this postcard is a distant overview on potentially Paris, France. The image is black and white and hows a beautiful shore line and city, as well as mountains. This card is in good condition but is dated due to how old it appears. This is…
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