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A black and white photograph of a Progressive Church in Nappanee, Ind. It is a white church with black front doors surrounded by tall trees. There are smaller bushes in front of the church. There’s a small side walk separating the lawn from the…

This postcard features four iconic churches from Amarillo, a religious city. These four churches are each placed on the turquoise background of the postcard. The four churches are called, Pol St. Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral, First…

Color photograph of the blessing of the water, a Greek orthodox tradition; four men are seen surrounding a glass bowl of water; they are wearing traditional religious clothing; in perfect condition

This postcard shows the Archbishop Iakovos in…

This Easter greeting features a landscape including a white church with steeple, white picket fence, and greenery. Foregrounding the church are white Easter lilies.

This card has left on the left side that is a sort poem wishing the reader a…

Photograph of a snowed-in Church in a mountainous landscape. A skier is captured in the foreground skiing past the camera.

Postcard shows a black and white photo of a church and its surrounding hills covered in snow. A man is also seen skiing in a…

The image on this post card is of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. This is very vivid in colors and brings in great details from water, buildings, and flowers. There are boats docked along the shore with people waiting to step on to a tour boat. The…

An artistic photograph of a man and a woman; the man represents a religious figure and the woman represents the state of France

Italian medieval village
This postcard features four pictures of an Italian medieval village called Caserta. Caserta is located in Italy in the region of Compania

An image of the San Xavier del Bac Mission set against a blue background
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