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This card shows the buildings along Genesee Street, looking North in Utica, New York.
Cars and buildings are shown lined on the busy Genesee Street in Utica, New York.

This postcard features a scene of the city of Miami, Florida at nighttime. The many buildings are brightly lit, and reflect on the water of the Biscayne Bay. Many of these buildings are hotels, which are situated to overlook the bay.

This postcard features an aerial view of the harbor entrance at Port Everglades, which is located in Florida. The sandy golden beach of Ft. Lauderdale is in the background, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Many buildings such as hotels are scattered…

This postcard depicts an aerial view of the cityscape of Miami, Florida. This particular view is of Downtown Miami, and features Bayfront Park, which is on the right side of the card; Miamiarina, which is to the left of the bridge near the center of…

This postcard depicts an aerial view of the popular fishing pier on Ft. Lauderdale Beach in Florida. The tide appears to be rolling in aggressively, and many beachgoers are seen relaxing and playing in the ocean on the left side of the pier.…

This postcard depicts four of Rome's famous historical sites and monuments, including the Colosseum in the top left corner, the Roman Forum in the top right corner, an aerial view of St. Peter's Square in the bottom left corner, and Trajan's Forum in…

Several images of government buildings of the Cayman Islands. The Government Administration Building, Legislative Assembly Building, The Courts, Cayman Brac Administration Building, Tower Building.

On this postcard is an aerial view of a Harbor.

There are many ships docked together in rows, connected by a strip of land on the right side of the image. A city is in the background.

This is an aerial night view of the east river in New York City. On the left side you can see the east side of lower Manhattan; on the right you can see parts of Queens and Brooklyn. You can see three suspension bridges (from left to right: the…
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