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An illustrated photograph of the Bahia Honda Bridge to Key West, Florida.

This postcard depicts a view of the Bahia Honda Bridge in Key West, Florida, which stretches across the Atlantic Ocean. The edge of the beach just sticks out where the land meets the ocean, and most of the land is covered in bushes and plants. A boat…

This is a black-and-white postcard printed in France depicting a scene overlooking a pair of bridges in the city of Brest.

The postcard shows an illustration of the landscape of the island, as wells as the bridge that connects the two sides of the islands. One thing to point out is the way the sky looks, it creates an overall peaceful vibe. It's a pleasing postcard

This postcard depicts a scene of the Bahia Honda Bridge from the Florida East Coast Railway, Key West extension in Florida. A train is seen crossing the bridge during a sunrise or a sunset. The Atlantic Ocean can be seen under the bridge at the…

The top half of the card has a photo of the Cliff House Diner with old cars parked in the parking lot. Across the center of the card is a banner than says "Greetings from San Francisco Calif." On the bottom half of the card is a photo of a bridge.…

Scenic view of bridge over a creek in Philadelphia

A photograph taking in either the evening or the night of the Washington Pontoon Bridge in Seattle

This postcard depicts a scene of Las Olas Boulevard, a famous road in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Palm trees perfectly line up on each side of the street, while the farther side of the street overlooks a waterway. Across the waterway is a large dock…
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