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This postcard features a man in the seat of a red truck that contains an abnormaly large potato. Three young boys and a little girl point and stare at the giant potato in awe. Behind them is a grassy area of land that extends far off into this…

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This postcard depicts a photograph of the sign at the beginning of the road U.S. Rte. 1 in Fort Kent, Maine. The sign reads, "WELCOME TO HISTORIC FORT KENT THIS MARKS THE BEGINNING OF U.S. Route 1 ENDING IN KEY WEST, FLORIDA 2209 MILES SOUTH. FORT…

There is a large tree that runs the length of the scene, and its branches hang down from the top of the card. There is a large white building in the background. It is four stories tall and has two large red-carpeted staircases that lead up to the…

A man sits with six children of various ages, who are doing their best to make a mess of his clothes and wallet.

This photo is black and white. One kid is picking his nose, two other are playing with his hair, one girl is playing with a toy, and…

A comic of a red crib full of children with a stork bringing another baby to add to the family, with a message of welcome. The children from left to right of the card are as follows: A girl with curly red hair wearing a red short sleeve night shirt.…
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