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This postcard depicts the government building , U.S Treasury in Washington D.C. It shows the immense white building pridefully standing whilst two flags wave in the air. People are seen walking around the building as well as vintage cars and…

A postcard with a detailed image of the United States Supreme Court in the foreground and the United States Library of Congress in the background. Two American flags frame the plaza leading to the steps of the Supreme Court. The back of the card…

A view of the west side of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. The stately white marble building is an instantly recognizable building to any American. The columned building is well known for housing Congress. The House of Representatives meets in…

The card shows a view of the famous Washington Monument framed by trees. The Monument is located in the American Capitol city, Washington, D.C. While the building in the background is not labeled on the card, it is very possible that it is one of the…
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