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A landscape postcard depicting a huge, gray building on the corner of Adams and Park St in Detroit, Michigan. You can't really tell what kind of building it is, but it is either a hotel or government building from the architecture and number of…

This post card shows an illustration of the Everglades Hotel from Bayfront Park in sunny Miami Florida. The illustration is shown on what looks like a hot South Florida day with clear skies. The postcard shows the iconic palm trees right at the front…

Is a photograph of the Hotel Lincoln-Douglas in Quincy, Illinois. It is a tall brick building with white trim at the bottom near the doors to go into the hotel. There are 8 floors in this hotel. In the front and around the building there are cars…

This color-added photograph of The Balsams and Lake Gloriette showcases the beauty that surrounds the historic hotel. The Balsams is a beautifully scenic hotel located in Colebrook, New Hampshire, and it is surrounded by a vibrant lake, Lake…


A view of the Southdown Hall Motel in Wimbledon , London United Kingdom. The image is of the hotel from the back garden.

Several buildings and the Hotel Mallon Sterling are visible on the front of the card, acting as the background to the Market Street Bridge and waterway in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The illustrated scene is shown from a point of view that is across…

Photograph of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in Fredericton, N.B. (Canada0

This card shows the Hotel Ponce de Leon's outer court colonnades in St. Augustine, Florida.

This card shows a birds eye view of the beautiful Hotel Sheraton in Chicago, Illinois.
An aerial view of the Hotel Sheraton in Chicago is depicted.
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