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This is a view of a park in Connecticut with a lake in the back. It also has many trees and flowers.

This is a view of a garden in Chicago with flowers and fountains. It is from the viewpoint in a building looking out onto the garden.

This is a nice view of New Hampshire mountains with some trees and flower in the forefront. There is also water included as it appears in front of a forest.

The front of the card is a color photograph of light pink hanging flowers. A few of the flowers have bloomed, but not all.
On the back of the card is a description that identifies the type of flower and where this image was taken. It is a shell…

The card has a thin purple border and inside that border are white flowers and embossed lettering featuring red, green, gold, and purple colors. The card has been pressed creating texture. The message is an Easter greeting with a religious…

Inside a brown frame in embossed lettering is an Easter greeting. Embellishments are added such as a decorative flower and the card's image has been pressed to create texture.
This card is a greeting in calligraphy that is framed in a brown…

This is a card that was not sent via postal service and does not have any added text. There is slight discoloration on the back of the card. This postcard depicts a closeup photograph of a purple Vanda orchid.

A textured painting of a sunset in the background of a bloomed rose arching over majestic water.

Multi-colored postcard with a bright gold border that compliments the dark grey clouds and fiery sunset located across from three beautiful red roses…

This postcard features a wooden plaque that reads "THE PRAYER OF THE WOODS." The plaque is surrounded by Bougainvillea, which are purple toned flora, and is located in the Sarasota Jungle Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. The Prayer of the Woods is…
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