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The front of the card is an image of a group of girls dancing in a circle, wearing traditional, native Greek costumes. There seems to be a large amount of spectators in the background watching the dancers perform. There is a large white tent or…

In the image there are several women working in an apple factory. The majority of them are black, although a few of them are white. The two white workers are in the left foreground, separate from the black workers. One of the women has curlers in her…

Pictured are three children (one boy and two girls) leaning up against a white wall. The children's clothing is colorful, mismatched, patched and raggedy. They all have mischievous smiles.

A picture of a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. It seems that the weather is stormy. The oars are about to go over board, and a red dress is hanging from one oar. The dress seems like a flag waving in the wind. The is a buoy next to the boat. The…

A crowd of people lounge on the beach in full, early 20th century clothing. There is a an elevated deck to the left, two lifeguards sitting right of the center, and numerous red & black umbrellas shade the crowd.
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