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This greeting card, from California, shows a color-added photograph of the Colorado Street Bridge in Padadena, California.


A view of the garden behind the Del Monte Lodge in Pebble Beach, California. There are trees in the middle ground with a beach in the background. There is also some black ink marks in the sky area.

Scenic winding road featuring cars driving down the mountain road. Big green trees border the road.

This postcard shows a photograph of Carmel Beach, California. The weather appears to be beautiful as the scene in lit by sunlight. The ocean is extremely blue, with white waves breaking against the shoreline. Behind the strip of sand, there are many…

This postcard contains a photograph depicting a crowd of tourists at Fisherman's Wharf. Along with various buildings and a light house, the ocean can be seen in the background as well.

Color photograph of the conservatory within Golden Gate Park; many people are pictured enjoying the scenery; trees, grass and flowers are prevalent within image; in perfect condition

This postcard shows a conservatory in San Francisco. The glass…

Color photograph of The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park; two women are standing, wearing traditional Japanese clothing; trees and flowers surround the women; in perfect condition

This card shows two women in traditional Japanese clothing…

Color photograph of entrance to Muir Woods, a National Monument located in California; part of a parking space is shown, gateway surrounded by many trees; in perfect condition

This postcard shows the entrance to Muir Woods as an archway built out…

This postcard depicts a scene of California Redwood trees. From this angle, one can mainly only see their trunks, for Redwoods are the tallest trees. A road runs through the forest of the Redwood trees, and a white car is parked along the side of the…
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