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Mostly bald man holds child on his left shoulder. The man has black hair on the very back of his head and, though he is facing away from the viewer, his black beard is visible. He wears a black long sleeve shirt, white pants with green vertical and…

Comical illustration of male and female sculpture from classical period.

Holding to light reveals colors in statues.

Card features a church next to a frozen stream, beside which we see a woman and child walking. When held to light, the windows in the church illuminate.

Illustration of Park Row Building in New York. Daytime scene with crowds. Holding to light makes the scene appear to be at night.

Windows and moon illuminates when held to light.

Card features the Mines and Metallurgy Building at the 1904 World's Fair. In front of the building gondolas fill a large pond.

Two large pillars border the entrance to a large domed room and people are crowded around the entrance outside. Statues…

Card features the Palace of Transportation at the World's Fair in St. Louis, MO.

View on card is overlooking Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. Various means of transportation are displayed. Horse-and-carriages as well as a street car cross the open space. When held to light, windows and street lights illuminate, as well as the moon.

View on card looks down a busy urban street with two horse-and-carriages. When held to light, the street lamps, lights in buildings, and moon illuminate.

Card features a close-up of a government building. Four girls pose on the sidewalk in front of the building. When held to light, the windows, clock, and sun light up.
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