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This is an image of the Grand Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland. The grass and trees within the image look lush and green. The hotel has a classic Swiss architecture and looks luxurious.

This postcard depicts a scene of sailboats moving across Lake Zürich in Zürich, Switzerland. In the background, one can see the many buildings of the city. In the bottom left corner, the silhoutte of a man is seen sitting on a bench relaxing.…

This postcard contains four different pictures of places found in Zurich, Switzerland that is divided by the Zurich flag. The top left photo appears to be a waterway that is filled with boats, which resembles a port. The top right photo contains two…

This postcard lacks text on the front of it. Instead, it features imagery of the scenic landscape in Zion National Park, Utah. The back of the card has been written on, post marked, stamped, and addressed.

A view of the zigzag path in Folkestone. On the upper left hand side of the postcard, some buildings can be seen. On the right hand side of the card lies a beach with some form of pier or dock. The color of the card appears to be added by hand.

A beige, large mosque stands erect behind a gorgeous Italian garden. There is also a United States of America (U.S.A.) flag waving adjacent to the mosque's entrance.

The front of the card has a black and white photograph with women sitting on chairs with covers on the sand. All the women are fully dressed and three of the women are using shovel to dig. Behind the women there is a hill with a hotel at the top of…

A tall palm tree stands on a beach somewhere, the water of the ocean is painted with blues, pinks, and yellows.

This card is painted on wood. The scene is small, covering only the center of the card. A thin palm tree (yucca) stands in a patch of…

A sketch, or drawing of Young's Restaurant . In colored in just green. There is a family in the foreground -- a woman, man, and child. There's also a different child standing in front of the entrance, waving at people.
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