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The postcard photo features the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

Photo displays a yellow and black manuscript sign introducing the beautiful city of San Francisco which is filled with fog and dark clouds and hiding right behind…

This is an illustration of the main street in Amsterdam NY. There are buildings connected on either side of the street. They are all different colors. There are old-fashioned cars parked on either side of the street as well.

On the front side is a picturesque image of the chapel. The chapel is at the end of a wide walkway, which is surrounded by lots of large, green trees.

Voorhees Chapel is one of two chapels on the campus of Rutgers, The State University of New…

Fountain in a park, Water damage on back.

This is a photograph of a plethora of flamingos hanging out in Hialeash Park Race Track in Miami, Florida. There is a lake and building in the background.

This is an illustration of the Central Yacht Basin in St. Petersburg, Florida. The sun is setting in the background.

A picture of the top half of a international church structure. This structure is very detailed, it has gargoyles on it and lots of windows and architecture .

An illustration of the Eiffel Tower and the Alexander III bridge. There is a couple and several other people walking alongside the Seine river, as well as some boats in the water.

A detailed illustration of Henri II's gallery in a French palace. The illustration features a fireplace in the center, surrounded by an ornately decorated but sparsely furnished room.
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