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Photograph of British soldiers manning two Bren Gun Carriers in an open field "somewhere in France".

We can infer that this is during World War II, during the retaking of France.

This postcard displays a photo of the Columbia Gorge which is the red and white small passenger ship seen sailing on the lake. Passengers are seen on the bottom as well as the top deck of the ship looking overboard at the beautiful view of the…

A little girl in a blue dress is eating watermelon and smiling widely. There is a girl in a red dress next to her but her face is not shown. They are sitting on a bench next to the side of a house. There is a tree in the background.

A large, yellow brick building, with a yellow, brick church and bell tower at its left. There are shrubs and red flowers around the perimeter of the buildings and a large, lush lawn stretching out in front.

This postcard depicts a photograph of a section of Florida's Turnpike, which stretches 108 miles between Miami and Ft. Pierce. On the left side, the cars move south toward Miami, while the right side of the turnpike moves north toward Ft. Pierce. One…

The small figures of people wade in the water of the beach used in the famous scene from the film "From Here to Eternity" (1953). There is a wall of rocks on one side of the beach that extends into the water. On the other side are more, smaller…

This is a sepia photograph of a redwood tree.

This is an artistic illustration of a cliff in Hawaii which is graphically anointed with hues of blue and orange to represent the sky. There cliff is detailed in brown, along with heavy green touches to illustrate trees and plants, along with a…

A woman on the beach holds her sandy shoe near her feet, she seems to be shaking of the sand before she puts her shoe back on. By her feet are a few beach accessories like sunglasses, a towel and a tube.
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